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Powerful and Lightweight Dragonfly Airboat Dubbed "Sportsman's Dream"

Discover the shocking new secret of the hunting elite guaranteed to get you into the toughest "hot-spots" with ease... and carry you out with the trophy!

Best part - It's no louder than your lawn mower!

Dear fellow hunter,

It's really quite simple...We build the best mini ultralight airboat. Not only light, they are extremely tough.

When it comes to shallow water versatility, an air boat is certainly on the top of the list of options to consider. However, there are a few drawbacks that have kept hunters from even considering an air boat such as fuel consumption, initial investment, maintenance, large size, and noise.

That's why when we took our Dragonfly to the southern swamps of Florida and Louisiana where hunting is gospel and air boating is the norm - our southern brothers could not believe what we came up with.

"Holy smokes... you don't need ear-plugs." was the most repeated comment.

Not to mention the shocking expressions on their faces when our amazing little boat, with it's 34 horse power custom engine, reached speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour, drove right across land carrying multiple passengers and equipment, and our cutting hull turned on a dime even in a couple inches of water that would send most airboats into a power slide.

"Amazing, to get that kind of power out of just 34 horse is simply unbelievable"... was another popular expression from many of the airboating pros.

Dragonfly best mini airboats

And the fuel economy?  Absolutely thrilling!  An amazing 11 miles per gallon average.

But that's what we were going for when we took the torque monster 4-stroke Generac engine designed for the generator industry. Then neatly fit it to our precision engineered fiber-composite boat hull which is light enough to skim across the top of water, yet so durable that it will drive right across roots and dirt.  


We just love to ride. Check out this new Suzuki 1300 cc. The actual horsepower as shown is 85. We do add a cam which provides a little more power.


All these reasons and more is why sportsman are calling the Dragonfly "a sportsman's dream machine".

Plus, at just a little over 11 feet long and less than 600 pound, this small airboat is specifically designed with this purpose in mind, to get you into the toughest to reach "hot-spots" with ease... burn little fuel and wow, it is amazingly quiet.

You can literally put our Dragonfly in any body of water and if you see another adjacent pond or lake that looks good, but is separated from you by land (a sandbar or grassy flat of some sort)... just drive right over the land and into the other water.  

Hunters aren't the only ones catching the Dragonfly buzz.  It's perfect for fisherman and bowfishing too.

And here's the best part, we have the Dragonfly priced it to sell.  

Truth is, it costs thousands less than most airboats, while performing so remarkably. It is certainly the wisest investment any serious hunter will make this season.

Speak with a one of our staff - someone whom has operated this amazing machine and can answer your most pointed questions. visit our contact page.

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